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FRANCE / Saint-Pierre Quiberon / Commune of Morbihan in Brittany, Saint-Pierre Quiberon is a seaside resort located in the northern part of the Quiberon Peninsula. Composed of two pleasant beaches located around the Port of Orange, the city is known for its location on the banks of the bay of Quiberon. During the nineteenth century, its rugged coastline has inspired many painters and poets.

Welcome to the Quiberon Peninsula, which was an island until the 11th century and now covers 14 kilometres. An emblematic site on the Quiberon Peninsula, Turpault Castle, an Anglo-medieval manor, marks the start of the wild coastline that runs all the way to the Percho headland. This is the western face of the peninsula, and is more exposed to the wind, with its impressive jagged cliffs, a clear view of Belle-Île, and the superb spectacle of the waves and the sea. La Grande Plage beach in the seaside resort of Quiberon is well worth the detour for its 900 metres of fine sand. Le Conguel headland, at the south-east end of the peninsula, is the property of the French Coastal Protection Agency. Feel free to explore this wild area by bike to make the most of its superb landscapes, or on foot via the GR 34.

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Jutting out into the sea for 9 miles (14km) and just 72ft (22m) wide at its narrowest point, the Quiberon Peninsula is a tourist destination par excellence. With its rugged coastline, sweeping sandy beaches, fishing villages and rich cultural history, this beautiful area of Morbihan won’t disappoint.

On the western side, the 5 mile (8km)-long Côte Sauvage (wild coast) is the perfect place for getting back to nature via a bracing walk. On the way you’ll pass hidden caves, arches and coves – but swimming is strictly forbidden due to the rough sea. The area is rich in flora and fauna, with a mix of dunes and heathland. As well as spectacular views over the coast and Belle-Île, Brittany’s largest island, you’ll encounter the remains of a Roman fish farm and a Bronze Age fort plus plenty of swooping seabirds.

Quiberon’s beaches have something to interest all tastes. The windy, sandy expanses west of Penthièvre in the north are popular with horse-riders, sand-yachters and surfers whereas families favour the sheltered beaches around Saint-Pierre-Quiberon in the south. Wherever you are, you won’t be far from someone who can teach you a watersport or hire you some equipment.

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