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Le Conquet / France. Le Conquet is situated in the Finistere department and Brittany region. Le Conquet, city and port of character and point of departure for the islands of Ouessant and Molène.

Le Conquet is a maritime city of character that is located in Brittany in the department of Finistère. Bordered by the Iroise, Le Conquet’s main activities are fishing, agriculture, tourism and marine scientific research, with the headquarters of Marine Natural Park Iroise. Fishing port of nationally recognized Le Conquet is also a common tourist family that is distinguished by its historic center, its coastal areas and preserved by the quality of bathing water.

Most visitors to the region are here to explore the cliffs and coastline with its rocky outcrops and islands that permeate this part of the coast, that has been less touched by tourism than much of Brittany, and of course for the lovely beaches. The remainder of the historical centre of Le Conquet is largely a huddle of traditional stone houses along the narrow village streets, along with a good selection of art galleries and restaurants – several of them serving very fresh fish from the local fishing fleet.

The main Church of Saint-Croix in Le Conquet was built in the 19th century – the arches in the upper part of the belltower are a common feature in Brittany churches and are not there for decoraion but to allow the wind to pass through without causing damage to the structure. Start your visit to Le Conquet with a stroll around the harbour, to see the active fishing fleet and pleasure boats. The village itself is quiet with a few buildings of historical interest, including the old stone house with a corner tower in the port (called the Maison des Seigneurs) and the 15th century Maison des Anglais.

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