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Brittany | Music Quiberon Festival Presqu’ile Breizh 2022

Quiberon peninsula / France – Quiberon celebrates Celtic music with the grand parade of the Festival Presqu’ile Breizh 2022. A superb rain of bagpipes, bombards.

The Presqu’ile Breizh Festival brought together 1,000 bell ringers and dancers from all over Brittany, but also from Ireland and Spain. A top-of-the-range musical event, completely free, which is now part of the Breton landscape. With a great parade of which here are video extracts. Binious, bagpipes, drum rolls, fireworks, the big party during the All Saints holidays drew crowds to the Quiberon peninsula in Morbihan in Brittany.

Tourists will love the atmosphere, and the Quiberon locals are wholeheartedly involved in this festival which celebrates Celtic culture.

Report 4K ©Brittany 24 TV – October 29, 2022

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