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Brittany | Visit Gâvres peninsula

Brittany / Gâvres peninsula. Gâvres and its peninsula in the south of Brittany. The village of Gâvres is part of these places a little away from it all, where anyone who loves the tranquillity and beauty of the sea can be well satisfied.

To reach Gâvres, it is necessary to follow an isthmus for a good ten kilometres. To the north of this strip of land, there is the small sea of Gâvres and to the south, a beautiful beach of fine sand of about ten kilometres, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

In the village of 1.8 km² live 800 inhabitants. There is a town hall, a school, an old church and several shops.

A boat bus makes it easy to go to Port Louis which is very close as the crows fly, and also allows you to go to Lorient. This cordon of land which connects Le Gâvre with the rest of the world is of exceptional beauty; it also shelters a rare fauna and a flora and has a great ecological interest.

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