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Armintza / Basque Country. The port of Armintza has gone from being a fishing port to house mostly pleasure boats, although it maintains its charm intact.

Armintza, a small fishing village in the municipality of Lemoiz which has a lot of charm and some very peculiar waves. Small and ancient port located in the inlet of the same name. Difficult and dangerous to enter because of the many rocks and rocky shallows that flank the entrance channel, both on the nose of the dyke and to the west. Currently, fishing remains practically a marginal activity; Arminza having been promoted as a residential and recreational town.

Armintza, it’s one of the beaches in Lemoiz, located in the province of Vizcaya (País Vasco). On big days when there is a very heavy sea, a wave is formed at the beginning of the dock and breaks parallel to it. It is a soft right-hander ideal for children. The 250 metre-long beach of dark thick-grain frequently welcomes scuba diving and fishing lovers.

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