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Quiberon / Brittany – France / With the crashing roar of the waves and the strong winds of the Côte Sauvage, the landscape is soon white with flying spray. A setting as natural as it is fantastical, perfect for filling your lungs with tangy sea air direct from the ocean! A outing to refresh both body and mind, creating a great appetite for a well-deserved and delicious high tea in one of Quiberon’s cottages that huddle together as if seeking protection from the wind.
The winter weather is mild, it rarely freezes or snows o see the frost! During winter times, storms attract many spectators.

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Jutting out into the sea for 9 miles (14km) and just 72ft (22m) wide at its narrowest point, the Quiberon Peninsula is a tourist destination par excellence. With its rugged coastline, sweeping sandy beaches, fishing villages and rich cultural history, this beautiful area of Morbihan won’t disappoint.

On the western side, the 5 mile (8km)-long Côte Sauvage (wild coast) is the perfect place for getting back to nature via a bracing walk. On the way you’ll pass hidden caves, arches and coves – but swimming is strictly forbidden due to the rough sea. The area is rich in flora and fauna, with a mix of dunes and heathland. As well as spectacular views over the coast and Belle-Île, Brittany’s largest island, you’ll encounter the remains of a Roman fish farm and a Bronze Age fort plus plenty of swooping seabirds.

Quiberon’s beaches have something to interest all tastes. The windy, sandy expanses west of Penthièvre in the north are popular with horse-riders, sand-yachters and surfers whereas families favour the sheltered beaches around Saint-Pierre-Quiberon in the south. Wherever you are, you won’t be far from someone who can teach you a watersport or hire you some equipment.

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