Basque Country | Surfing Getaria beach

Basque Country / Getaria – Surfing Getaria in the Basque Country. Getaria is located on the coast of Guipuzcoa. It’s a quaint fishing village and the birthplace of distinguished figures like Juan Sebastián Elcano and Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Getaria is 30 kilometres west of San Sebastian. During the Middle Ages and later, when harpoons were still thrown by hand, the village’s inhabitants hunted whales, as its coat of arms shows. The route through the village is very picturesque, with its mediaeval houses, the harbour and the walk to Getaria lighthouse. Home to the 15-century Gothic Church of San Salvador, it is also a place of cultural interest. It is of great historic importance, as it was the site of the General Council of 1397, which declared Guipuzcoa a province.

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