Quiberon: Sailing the world with a Piano

Pianocean is an artistic and sailing project, led by the piano and the voice of Marieke Huysmans Berthou. Pianocean aims to be an ambassador for free international culture, lived and shared across the seas. On board the sailing boat Lady Flow, the ship crew will tour the islands of the world. Islands are isolated places, open to the sea which strongly conserve their local culture. Pianocean wishes to discover their hidden treasures. Times of navigation are built around coastal itineraries and scheduled concerts which are given on the deck while the public is on the port quay or on the beach. The boat turns into a performance area. The pianist sings stories from her travels inspired by the journeys at sea and the previously encountered cultures. She becomes the link between and the spokesperson for various islands heritages. Music becomes the vector of stories from these islands, reaching new communities and offering the opportunity to create new links between them. Recording is done on board, saving the collective musical memory.
Pianocean is a moving place of interaction and creativity designed for cultural and human worldwide collaboration.


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