Brittany | Saint Lunaire Beach

Saint-Lunaire / France. For several centuries, Saint-Lunaire is a village of fishermen and sailors who cultivate the land and which arise from many master mariners who will arm tall ships Capehorners the 19th century.

From 1905, under the leadership of Sulla Laraque rich Haitian who made his fortune in sugar cane and fell in love with Saint-Lunaire a new city will rise by the sea He is the Grand Hotel, the dam of Grande Beach, the tennis and 17 villas. From wealthy families, second homes are then Paris, Rennes, Lyon and northern France. If today times have changed, the charm of the resort and family remains intact to welcome you all year in an exceptional setting the colors of the Emerald Coast.

Report HD ©Brittany 24 Television – April 20, 2022

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