Faro | Good Policeman

Policeman regulates the traffic on a busy intersection in Faro ( Portugal ) At an intersection a police officer’s hand signals overrule traffic lights, give way rules and any other signs.


Report HD – TV Quiberon 24/7 – November 5, 2015


The lagoons of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and nearby beaches, including the islands of Ilha de Faro to the southwest and Ilha da Barreta (aka Ilha Deserta) to the south, add to Faro’s allure.
Algarve’s capital has a more distinctly Portuguese feel than most resort towns. it makes an enjoyable stopover. It has an attractive marina, well-maintained parks and plazas, and a historic old town full of pedestrian lanes and outdoor cafes. Its student population of 8000 ensures a happening nightlife, and its theatre scene is strong. Marvellously preserved medieval quarters harbour curious museums, churches and a bone chapel.