Brittany: Morbihan Gulf’s Week 2019

A maritime and international event, a cultural and popular festival, in the magical framework of the “Little Sea” (Mor Bihan in Britton) Over one thousand of traditional and classic boats, divided up into coherent and identifiable flotillas, sailing every day and stopping in various ports and anchor points. The result: a “bursting” maritime festival, bringing alive the whole of the Golfe of Morbihan. It is the particular geography and the physical characteristics of this “small sea” (its islands and islets, the narrows which separates and protect it from the high sea, the tides, the currents and counter-currents, the choppy waters), which determinates and rhythm the whole nautical programme. The island of Arz, the island of captains, about 350 inhabitants per year, you can visit the tide mill Berno, a peaceful island where it is good to walk or bike.

report HD ©La Semaine du Golfe / Sea Events – May 29, 2019

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